Sunday, February 1, 2009

London Awaits...

It's the launch for my second blog! Keb's London Dream is all about my optimism, passion and dream to come and visit London, England with a five-year expiration date, starting from the day I wrote my first blog post. Since last year, I already desire to come and visit London someday, to have a stable job and if possible, to live there for the rest of my life. 
I admire the British people, despite of being a Filipino citizen, I would like to acquire the English culture. One thing that I love most about them is comedy. It's brilliant and it's full of irony. Compared to the western humour, it's full of real life events that captures most the audience's hearts. I'm a huge fan of Simon Pegg.  Yeah!  He's the bestest amongst all the actors I've ever seen on screen and I would be glad to meet him, together with Nick Frost, his best friend. 
I love everything about London. I love the London Eye (which was visited by over 3 million people every year), the Tower Bridge over the River Thames, the Westminister Abbey, the London Bridge and I really love the clocktower, Big Ben. I love Queen Elizabeth II. I love David Bowie, Queen, The Cure, Coldplay and The Bee Gees. I love Channel 4, the BBC, Spaced, the Office, Britain's Got Talent, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, V for Vendetta, Troy, Mamma Mia! and a lot more of the British television and film.
 So watch out London! For the next five years, before February 1st, 2014, you should expect me there, wandering on the metro, enjoying the night life with my future flat mate and we'll dominate the global city. But first, I should do my best to be able to get a VISA, and try also to visit earlier on 2012 (how I wish), so I would be able to see the Olympic Games 2012. And lastly, I should enhance my Cockny slang, the Londoner's accent by the way...


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